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About Me


Hi, My name is Frank. I’ve enjoyed photography for a lot of years now and I like to take pictures of just about everything. A few years ago I decided to start photographing people, mainly women. So I placed a few ads offering my services and as a result of those ads I’ve had the opportunity to of worked with quite a few people over the years. After a while I began to notice that a lot of them would call me Mr. Frank instead of just Frank ( I think its because of my age). I liked it, so I decided to call this site Mr. Frank Photography.

As you can see by the softness of my eyes in the picture above, I’m a pretty easy going guy. My background is in computers but I had to retire a few years back. Since then, I’ve been a filmmaker, TV show producer and photographer among other things. I like trying new things and exploring what life has to offer. In everything I do, I try to have fun and to make the most of every situation. I’m a half-full kind of guy.

Why I do this

Well, the main reason is I really enjoy meeting new people and this gives me the opportunity  to meet a lot creative fun people. I do the photography on a trade basis which is usually referred to as TFCD. Which basically means we are collaborating on a shoot and I get a model or subject to shoot and the model gets pictures in return. Photography is also an escape for me because I forget about other things for a little bit while I’m doing something that I really enjoy. Like they say, it’s not work if you enjoy what you’re doing. Or something like that.

I’m also trying to grow as a photographer and artist. So by collaborating with as many people as I can I hope to make this happen. I just love talking to artist and other creative people and being part of this scene in Houston. At the same time I also enjoy working with people who are just starting or looking to try something different. In order for me to grow, I need to try new things and not be afraid of failing if it doesn’t work. While I hate not failure or quitting, I try not to let that stop me from trying new things. So if you have an idea that you would like to try, let me know. Odds are something good will come of it.

Below are some pictures of me: